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Migraine Headache Causes

What are Migraine Headache Causes? This is a fantastic question. But lets be sure we are talking about “cause” not something else.

What causes headaches is often confused with a trigger. And there is a world of difference between dealing with migraine triggers and up rooting the underlying cause of migraine headaches.

Migraine Triggers

A migraine trigger is any factor that “initiates” a headache in individuals who are susceptible. Not all migraine sufferers, however, can clearly identify triggers.

Examples of triggers include stress, blood sugar disturbances, lack of sleep, hormones, bright or flickering lights, odors, alcohol, aged cheeses, chocolate, monosodium glutamate, nitrites, aspartame, caffeine and cigarette smoke.

For some women, the decline in the blood level of estrogen during the onset of her menstrual cycle can be a trigger for migraine headaches. The time lapse between exposure to a trigger and the onset of headache varies from hours to two days.

Exposure to a trigger does not cause a migraines every time. Conversely, avoidance of triggers cannot completely prevent headaches. This is because the causes of migraines may be in place, it takes little to set you off, if the cause is removed, then all the triggers don?t have an effect.

Different migraine sufferers respond to different migraine triggers, and any one trigger will not induce a headache in every person who has migraine headaches.  Read more about migraine triggers.

Causes of Migraines

No one can say for sure. There seems to be a genetic tendency, that’s tendency not inheritance.

Much clinical information is leading headache doctors to look closely at a condition that comprises the neurological and vascular integrity of the brain, head and neck.

The condition is called Atlas Neuro Vascular Syndrome (ANVS) and you can learn about it on the Beyond Headaches Lifestyle Tour.

Can migraine be headaches prevented?

The question presupposes that the problem can?t be resolved. And that is an incorrect assumption, but for the sake of discussion?.There are two ways to prevent migraine headaches:

  1. By avoiding factors (“triggers”) that initiate the headaches.
  2. By drugging your body with medications (prophylactic medications).

Neither of these preventive strategies is 100% effective. The best one can hope for is to reduce the frequency of headaches.

Many people find relief with caffeine. But be aware that caffeine may lead to other problems. Read about caffeine headaches here.

There is a Resolution and Elimination of the Problem.

IF we destroy and or remove your migraine headache causes, then you will not need to worry about preventing them. Again for the adventurous sole who seeks to eliminate (not just treat) you problem.