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Back of the Head Headaches

Headache in back of head is a very common form of headache pain and is often associated with neck pain, sometimes termed a neck pain headache.

It’s equally common among teenagers and adults. The term “cervicogenic headache” is often used. "cervical" means neck... "genic" means Cause of or beginning.  Noting that the cause of the headache is often neck dysfunction.
Headache in the Back of the Head: Cause and Cure

Neck Pain Headache

Although some medical reports show that this neck pain headache also exists in the all age groups, the causes might be different.

Headache in back of head and neck pain are commonly associated with a tension headache.

What is an Occipital Headache?

A back of the head headache  is also referred to as an occipital headache. Named for the bone at the posterior of your skull, the occipital bone.

The truth is that, this type of tension headache is apparently the most common type of headache there is. This means that headache / neck pain is not at all something uncommon among us, and has a tendency to wear you and your doctor down.

Finding the Headache Trigger

The bones and muscles of the upper neck are responsible for balancing our head which is the weight of a bowling ball. Imagine t a bowling ball balanced on a few 2-3 ounce bones....  inherently there is an opportunity for things to get out of balance.

When that occurs, among other things, headache in back of head, and neck pain often ensue.

The problem might have been there, but only gets triggered during headaches, due to the buildup of the pressure around the area. This is not to forget the rise in blood pressure too.

Another cause of the headache / neck pain, although very rare, is the loss of neck curve in many people. In this situation, the tissues in the neck are weakened and thus prone to pressures and frequent pains.

Why the back of the head?

There are hundreds of tiny muscles, ligaments, and other supportive soft tissues in the area where the top of your neck meets the bottom of your skull.

The brain stem and associated nerves, and blood vessels are exposed to stress and strain if the top vertebrae is not in a balanced position.

This scenario sets the stage for all types of problems and in particular the pain that is often unyielding at the back of ones skull.

Headache / neck pain is considered the most common physical annoyance. Once it comes, it doesn't  disappear easily. Knowing that the headache itself is triggered by stress and fatigue of the tissues just described is useful.  Although sometimes it may get very bad, many people report the severity level as mild to moderate. This type of headache by some is described as a dull throb that allows you to engage in normal daily lifestyle.  But all the while the pain slows your zest for life, and alters your ability and desire to be productive and enjoy family and friends.

In time, this different type of headache can have a downward spiraling effect as the sufferer tends to pull back and not engage the challenges of life as robustly as he or she would like.

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from Dr. Finnigan, the author of Life Beyond Headaches.

 Self-Help Tips when dealing with BACK OF THE HEAD HEADACHES