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Headaches Behind the Eyes

In our clinical experience, Pain and headache behind the eyes may be a symptom of different types of headaches and even other health problems. 

Is it a headache behind one eye, or both? Does it bother you more when you move your eyes? Is it more painful in the morning or in the evening?

Headache Behind the Eyes

What Causes Headaches Behind the Eyes?

Sometimes infection or just inflammation of the frontal sinuses can lead to a dull, throbbing pain between or behind the eyes.

If that is the case, it may tend to be worse in the mornings and is accompanied with frequent tearing, congestion, runny nose, fever and sensitivity to light.

Swimming in dirty water, airborne allergies, even a cold or the flu may cause or be associated with sinus headache.

Other Causes of Headaches Behind the Eyes

Eye strain can be among other factors that can be the main reason for a headache behind the eyes. Eyestrain occurs if the eyes are forced to focus on a close object (a newspaper, computer screen) for a long period of time, without focusing periodically at distant objects or due to uncorrected vision problems.

Under normal conditions, one does this with out causing headaches. It there is a weakening of the structures, then one becomes a candidate for the strain to trigger a headache behind the eyes.

Side Note About Glaucoma

As one ages, we become more of a candidate for Glaucoma which is caused by increased pressure within the eyeball.

If left unchecked, can require immediate medical attention as it may lead to optic nerve damage and loss of sight. Nowadays glaucoma may be treated by prescription drugs or surgery.

As for prevention, a majority of risk factors for glaucoma, including genetics, age and race, cannot be prevented or controlled.

Therefore, the most important thing to remember to help prevent glaucoma is that it is necessary to have regular eye examinations by a medical professional, especially if you are over the age of 20.

Some people complain that they have an extreme one-sided headache especially involving the area around or behind one eye.

This is a typical description of cluster headache. Cluster Headaches afflict more men than women. Other symptoms associated with cluster headache can include eye redness or tearing, smaller pupil on the affected side of the face and stuffy, runny nose.

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Headaches Behind the Eyes - causes and self-help tips.