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Caffeine Headaches

Virtually all headache experts agree that there’s a connection between caffeine and caffeine headaches. But what does that mean for you? Because they don’t agree about much else. So Let’s cut through the opinions and find out exactly what you need to know about the caffeine and headaches issue…

Caffeine – what it does to you!

Is caffeine helping your headache, or the cause of your headache?Since you’re reading this you probably already know that caffeine is a stimulant found in drinks such as coffee, tea, colas and other soft drinks. It is also found in Excedrin.

Is caffeine a natural headache relief or not? Being a stimulant, caffeine works on the central nervous system and makes you more alert.

But that’s not all. It also acts as a vasoconstrictor (constricts your blood vessels), as a diuretic pulling fluid out of you, and it may even increase blood pressure.

Caffeine can cause other reactions in some people. Though usually not classified as an addictive drug, caffeine can be addictive in the sense that you can experience withdrawal symptoms if you stop consuming it.

A caffeine headache connection – The Good News

Caffeine has long been used as a remedy for different types of headaches. (historians will tell you that early on Coca-Cola was sold as a headache remedy!) But why might it help?

Migraine sufferers may be especially interested in the way caffeine constricts blood vessels. Blood vessels increasing in size, is one of the common occurrences when you’re having a migraine.

Some migraine sufferers find that a coffee or coke early on in their headache will help calm things down.

Now for The Bad News

In our bodies, many of the things that can help, can also hinder different types of headaches. As a stimulant, especially combined with sugar, caffeine can pick you up but may also drop you quickly.

One of the worst things a headache/migraine prone person can do is to consume sugar and caffeine on an empty stomach, which can make your blood sugar levels do some pretty wild things, and may light the fuse to that caffeine headache.

As a diuretic, caffeine may also rob your body of some of the things it really needs. For example, research is showing that migraine sufferers may need to increase the amounts of magnesium in their bodies. But caffeine may be pulling it out of your body when you’re trying to put it in!

What caffeine does to your blood vessels may be good and bad too. Although it may help to constrict your blood vessels, the caffeine headache connection can also backfire and also start expanding your blood vessels!

Medications add to the problem ? combining aspirin with coffee, or drugs containing caffeine, can heighten the bad effects.

Interesting Study on Caffeine Headaches

A study was done with children and teenagers to check the link between drinking colas and headache, and to see if there is a headache caffeine link.

Each participant was a heavy cola drinker, averaging about 1.5 litres a day. All had chronic headache, none had a history of migraine.

All of them gradually stopped drinking cola over 1-2 weeks, and over 91% were headache free during the next 24 weeks! The others had occasional migraine instead of daily chronic headache.

What You Can Do about Caffeine Headache?

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