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Occipital Headache

Knowing the link between both Occipital Headache and Neck Pain Headache is the first step towards relief.

Put your hand on the back of your head. Now, slide your hand to the base of the skull. This area you feel is the area known as the occiput.

Chances are, if you have been told your headaches are occipital headaches, then you probably already knew this bit of information.

Occipital headache is felt at the occiput and can radiate to the vertex or top of the head. Occipital Headache also known as (or related to) headache with neck pain, or the headache at the back of the head.

Neck Pain Headache

Occipital Headache is associated to a headache with neck pain and tension headachesThe neck pain component is a clue for consideration of just where the source of this condition may be originating from.

Occipital headaches may result from inflammation, injury, (and if that is the case, ice may be a good first line of treatment) or pressure on the occipital nerves, upper cervical spinal roots.

Paraesthesia (numbness)  of the tissues of the scalp and the skin of the neck is characteristic of occipital headache. Occipital neuralgia is referred pain from an inflammation or compression of the greater occipital nerve.

It exits between the occiput and the posterior arch of first cervical vertebra to pierce the large cervical muscle attachments to the skull.

The Sub Occipital muscle group form a triangle that the nerves must pass through, and around. An imbalance in that area can cause migraine and occipital headache.

Sometimes, the pain in this disorder radiates to the eye region, but can involve radiation over the scalp to the eye. This type of headache falls into the tension-type headache class.

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If this condition becomes chronic, and has persisted for months and or years, one might jump to treatment protocols that are harmful and relatively unproductive.

Differentiating between occipital headache and other forms of headache may be difficult secondary to variability in presentation, and considerable symptom overlap.

Some patients have endured painful diagnostic injections.   Be wary about exotic/radical treatment protocol.  Occipital headaches are painful enough for patients to be susceptible to multiple injection procedures, even surgery.

Nine times out of 10, this painful form of headache can be successfully treated and resolved via the Beyond Headaches protocol and other conservative approaches.  Upon a favorable consultation and exam, our Beyond Headaches doctors may employ one of our most effective, yet non-invasive procedures.  He or she will impart a percussion wave (something like an "ultra-sonic pulse" into the area) via an FDA approved instrument to balance the head and neck.

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