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Rebound Headaches

Rebound headaches are not your “causal” daily headaches. Find out here what they are, and find a Headache and Migraine relief alternative that works …

Are They Daily Headaches?

Rebound Headaches: Caused by overuse of medications
The name suggests that the cause of a rebound headache might be associated with playing basketball. “Rebound” sounds too casual, and innocent, it should be dropped and perhaps renamed “over medicated” or “medication over use” headaches.

This is a new problem, that arises from treating one problem, and causing another "all together"  new problem. This type of headache is serious because these migraines and headaches often lead to the following considerations:

  • Occur every day, often waking you in the early morning.
  • Hurt worst at the beginning of the headache, as your medication wears off.
  • Can persist throughout the day.
These Rebound or Daily Headaches Can Lead to:
  • Nausea
  • Anxiety
  • Restlessness, irritability and difficulty concentrating
  • Memory problems
  • Depression
  • Trouble sleeping

Are Your Medications Helping … or Hurting??? 

And all this can occur because the product that you were taking to control or ease your headache has caused a new form of pain for you. Hence the term "rebound".  

Does the following sound familiar? You feel another headache or migraine coming on … so you reach for a pain killer. Or maybe you take pain medication in advance (perhaps every day?) to stave off frequent headaches. After all, most of us believe that’s what pain relievers are for, right?

Pain relievers may offer quick relief for occasional headaches. But there’s a limit. These are not vitamins, they are chemicals. If you find yourself taking pain medication more than two or three days a week, you are probably contributing to your headaches rather than easing them. It’s a cycle commonly known as rebound headaches.

The only way to stop this revolving door is to reduce or stop taking the pain chemicals that’s causing them. It is sometimes difficult, but worth the trouble. It is actually a withdrawal process, and may require some family, or professional support.

Anyone who has a history of migraine headaches, tension-type headaches or other chronic headaches is at risk of developing rebound headaches from the overuse of pain relievers.

Your risk increases if you use combination analgesics, ergotamine, or triptans 10 or more days a month or simple analgesics more than 15 days a month — especially if this regular use continues for three or more months.  Some of our people have been swallowing these pills daily for years!

Pain relievers are a great benefit to those who need and use them SHORT TERM. Some people and some doctors are a little to agreeable to use these chemical substances on an on going basis. That'’s where Beyond Headaches.com comes in and the Beyond Headaches Lifestyle.

Learn the Top 2 Self-Help Tips to break the grip of REBOUND HEADACHES
from Dr. Finnigan, the author of Life Beyond Headaches.

Tips on dealing with Rebound Headaches