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Sex Headache

Sex Headaches, Relief and Treatment

Sex headaches can occur around either masturbation or any kind of sexual act. There have even been incidents where getting into position has caused them.

They are rare, and only a fraction of all headache types are labeled as true coital headaches. The vast majority are benign, although there could be a few signs of other underlying medical problems.

Sex Headaches:  Causes and tips for reliefCoital Headaches Relief and Treatment

This category seem to be a part of a bigger phenomenon called exertion headaches. Those different types of headaches that are caused by exercise.

Head pain can be triggered by coughing, exertion, and sexual activity. The lifetime prevalence of benign cough head pain, benign exertional head pain, and headache associated with sexual activity is 1% for each.

Are Sex Headaches More Common in Men or Women?

The answer is that all 3 headache types, sex headaches, coital headaches and exertion headaches, occur more often in men than women.

Men and women have the same rates of exertional pain in general. But, men have higher rates of sex headaches specifically. This is the opposite of what you might expect, as women have more problems with headache in general.

Women who are more likely to get them are:

  • Usually over the age of 40.
  • Women who have recently started an exercise program.
  • Women who have migraines or tension headaches already.

There has been some evidence that the 6 weeks after childbirth are also high risk times. If a woman does have previous headache problems, her sex type headaches will likely be of the same variety.

Sex Headaches:  Suffered by women after childbirth3 Basic Types of Exertion Headaches

They are divided into three basic types:

  1. There are the early, mild headaches, that are short-lasting.
  2. There are orgasmic headaches, that are more sudden and severe.
  3. These may or may not go into post-coital headaches that last for up to a day.

This last type can occur by itself as well.

These are usually felt at the base of the skull, but can be all over. The pain can be mild to exploding. They do not occur with every “act”. Some people go for years between episodes.

What Causes Coital Cephalgia?

Obviously, sex raises the blood pressure. This in turn raises the pressure in the head. But as we discovered in our research of High Blood Pressure, new studies suggest that condition itself may protect you from headache.

Also, “the act” causes muscle tightening and tension. Coital headaches are thought to be a combination of the blood pressure and muscle tension, for most people.

In very rare instances, sex headaches unveil underlying medical problems. These include:

  • meningitis
  • bleeding in the skull
  • aneurysm
  • tumors
  • strokes
  • and various enodcrine disorders.

The more severe the pain is and the more the woman has other symptoms (tingling, weakness, numbness, changes in her vision, disorientation) the more she should consider seeing her doctor.

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