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Temple Headache

Temple Headaches

Headaches can affect many parts of the head. Temple Headaches, as the name suggests, affects the temples.

They may not be severe but they can still prove to be disruptive to daily life, especially of you are experiencing daily headaches. On the other hand, a temple headache can be as one person described it, “an 11 on a scale of 10.”

Symptoms of a Temple Headache

Headache temple pain can come in many forms. It can be in your right temple, left temple or both. It can be sharp temple pain, or dull.

It can last a few seconds, or hours. These may or may not be daily headaches or you may be experiencing tension headache symptoms. Read about tension headache symptoms and different types of headaches here.

Causes of These Headaches

When you get any kind of new headache, it’s a good to be alert. Many headaches have an obvious cause such as a blow to the head, for example.

Others may just be common headaches, but depending on the kind of headache one should remain alert and proactive so that an exotic condition has little to no chance to get out of hand and do permanent damage.

Most commonly, a temple headache is a type of tension headache or a migraine that happened to land in this region of the head.

If you feel a band of pressure around your head, you may have a tension headache. Usually the pain will be on both sides or all around your head, but sometimes the pain is on one side and specifically lands in the temple.

If you have a throbbing headache that’s accompanied by sensitivity to light or sound, or you have nausea, you may have a migraine headache.

Learn 3 Self-Help Tips when dealing with TEMPLE HEADACHES
from Dr. Finnigan, the author of Life Beyond Headaches.

 Self-Help Tips when dealing with TEMPLE HEADACHES