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Headache on the Top of the Head

A headache on top of the head is somewhat of a peculiar phenomena. A chronic headache that is at the "vertex" of your head is some what of an unusual location.

Headaches Top of the HeadHeadache sufferers have reported from time to time that the pain started out at one spot and in time migrated to the top of the head. This would suggest close observation, particularly if it is of rapid onset for someone who traditionally has not been a headache sufferer.

However, head pain (particularly headache on top of the head) does not necessarily originate from where it seems to be coming from, (where the pain is felt).

Commonly it is referred from somewhere else on the side of the head, the back of the head, the neck, etc. The pain on top is not uncommon especially in the setting of chronic headache. The referred pain scenario is most plausible.

Secondary Headache Disorders

A headache on top of the head, such as a sinus pressure headache, sometimes results from another disorder. These other causes are called secondary disorders.

Usually, the causative situation is not serious. These disorders often affect the eyes, nose, throat, sinuses, teeth, jaws, ears, or neck and are minor or temporary.

For example, sinus infection (sinusitis), or a problem with the joint of the jaw (temporomandibular disorder) may cause a secondary pain in the cranium.

When to Seek Medical Attention

The following characteristics may indicate that a serious disorder is the cause of headaches, and people who experience any of them should promptly seek medical attention.

  • A very sudden, severe headache(thunderclap headache)
  • Headaches that are increasing in frequency or severity
  • Daily headaches
  • Any change in the pattern or nature of headaches
  • Headaches that begin after age 50
  • Headaches accompanied by symptoms such as fever, a stiff neck, changes in sensation or vision, weakness, loss of coordination, fainting, or very high blood pressure.

Other Considerations

Most frequently this condition is a type of chronic tension headache or migraine that for some reason has landed on the top of the head.

Headache at the top of the head if not resolved  should be suspect for the infrequent exotic causative factors.

Treatment modalities vary greatly, as the cause may be likely be tension or migraine in origin.

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