Headache and migraine pain relief is the goal of BEYOND Headaches

Overview of Headaches

What causes a Headache?

Some are said to be neurological, some structural, some hormonal, many are a combination. Migraine specialists sometimes consider genetic and vascular ramifications.

Certain headaches are thought to be stress induced, and others from a lack of proper nutrition and sleep. The mission of Beyond Headaches.com is to help you sort things out, and reclaim your life, as well as your friends and or your loved ones life too.

You are not so concerned about what causes headache for the masses … You want, and need to know what causes headache in you.

And you will in time find that this is precisely what makes this website unique. For a person to complain that he or she suffers from headache does not begin to describe the nuances of this phenomenon.

Here are just a few different conditions you can research here:
. Migraine Headaches
. Headache Behind the Eyes and on Top of Your Head
. Tension Type Headaches
. Cluster Headaches
. Organic Headaches
. Ocular Headaches That affect Your Vision
. Sex Headaches
Headaches seem to know no racial or ethnic boundaries, can plague young children, even infants, as well as the elderly.

Headaches have been known to bring professional football players to their knees. Millions of Moms, Dads, teachers, doctors, and anyone in between can be stopped in their tracks, every day, anywhere in the world.

Today, despite the multi-billion dollar toll headache and migraine events take on people around the world, we should recognize and illuminate the equally devastating intangible loss as well. In addition to the time loss from work, the loss of productivity while at work, consider the individual and his or her family.

On an individual basis, the lost opportunity with family and friends is staggering. Husbands and wives who loose the relationships’ spirit and emotional bond as a result of a variety of different types of headaches is a national tragedy.

Have you seen how the bond between Mother and child can be is damaged because “Mom has another one of her chronic migraines?”

There has been enormous progress in treating them through new medications, combined with non drug therapies … natural remedies for headaches, aimed at preventing, stopping or managing some of the toughest headaches around.

We at the Beyond Headaches site favor less invasive procedures as a logical first step. To gain a bit of insight on our philosophy and to assist you reach your goals we offer you a free download of the first two chapters of Life Beyond Headaches as a primer for what's ahead, accompanied by an opportunity for a free telephone discussion with one of our Beyond Headache Specialists.

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