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Chronic Migraine Headache

An occasional migraine is a daunting event. It can ruin your day or week.   A Chronic Migraine Headache is that same beast, without the surprise accept the life of living in fear of when they strike.

Like Pavlov’s dogs these people are conditioned and often defeated. They avoid life’s outings and experiences due to their conditioning. “Frustration” is the kindest characterization of those poor soles with a history of migraine who experience headache more than half the time.

This condition was previously called Transformed Migraine (TM). However, transformation requires that the sufferer recall precisely how their headaches have changed over time, which is unrealistic. This new description will provide a usable definition for medical research studies of new treatment options.

Description of these Migraine Conditions

The following criteria for Chronic Migraine Headaches have been put forth by the International Headache Society:

  1. Headache, of either tension-type and/or migraine quality, they occur on more than 15 days per month, and for at least 3 months.
  2. On more than 8 days per month the sufferer experiences the pain and associated symptoms of migraine without aura and/or treats and experiences relief before the expected development of symptoms.
  3. No medication overuse.

These labels are misleading, and helpful at the same time. A person who suffers from migraine 12 times per month falls short of the label, but rest assured, if that person is you, you are just as motivated or defeated as the person with the threshold of 15 attacks per month.

What is the Typical Treatment for These Types of Migraines?

Initial treatment options for Chronic Migraine should focus on control of one or more factors shown to contribute to headache occurrence.

These triggers would include changes in diet, sleep, exercise, and psychological well-being, in addition to many other potential influencing factors. Caffeine, alcohol, tobacco, and use of select over-the-counter (OTC) and prescription medications should be minimized due to their potential for increasing headache risk.

The Migraine Relief Alternative

When the occurrence rate is as frequent as stated above, it is highly probable that more drugs are not what is needed, at least not for resolution.

Also in this realm one should be cautious of rebound headaches from over medication. 

The Beyond Headaches program is designed NOT just to treat the headaches and or Migraine but to eliminate the root causes for LIFE. 

What to do When You are Having an Attack

Learn the 3 most useful Self-Help Tips when dealing with CHRONIC MIGRAINES
from Dr. Finnigan, the author of Life Beyond Headaches.

Chronic Migraines