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Keeping a Migraine Diary

Choose to keep a migraine diary for all your headaches. Whether you suffer from migraines, tension headaches, silent migraines or any of the different types of headaches and different types of migraines. This may be the beginning of the end of headaches for you.

If you are one of the 28 Million (USA count) unfortunate migraine sufferers, it’s wise to keep a brief history. The wisdom of this process has to do with the why of the diary, and the how.

Some suggest a migraine or headache written diary, is all about tracking your symptoms as opposed to your triggers (what sets off a migraine attack).

Their concept is that the symptoms are certainly subjective – it’s easy to forget what symptoms you had when, and gauge the intensity hours or days later.  We agree with that part. Keeping track on paper will give you a better idea what treatments are working over time. Doesn’t it also make sense to focus on and record things and events that trigger your attacks including weather, foods, hormonal cycles, etc.?

By gauging the effect of triggers, at least you can have knowledge and can avoid when possible.

Is a Headache Diary Worthwhile?

Some have argued that a diary isn’t helpful enough to be worthwhile. All you’re doing is focusing more on your symptoms, which could make things worse instead of better.

Common sense dictates many benefits to be gained from a migraine diary far outweigh the few moments you will loose by recording observations. Consider how important it is when you’re trying a new treatment, or making changes to your lifestyle.

It’s the closest thing you’ll have to an objective measure, and after all a wise man once wrote, “a life worth living is worth recording.”

How Can You Begin to Keep a Migraine Headache Diary?

Keeping a daily headache diary the process just takes a few moments. Use the simple form below! Beyond Headaches can make it easy for you to get real help, knowing a historical pattern of the below 8 points will make our job more objective. The diary template can be incorporated into your personal calendar and is our gift just for visiting.

In reality, the idea of a diary is that you can make it as simple or detailed as you want. But here’s a not so obvious tip..... make notes when you think you have been exposed to a trigger and did NOT have an attack.

And make notes during or after an attack, and consider the triggers and events that might have played into the scenario.

Write down whatever detail you believe is useful. If you have a different type headache or unusual consideration, add that data for later reference. take the time to write the variables such as Symptoms, Triggers, Treatments, Environment, Stress.

How Easy Is It To Use?

This migraine diary can be quite convenient once you make it a priority and you get into the groove. The advantage to YOU is that you can use the same diary detailed or general info.

Either way – and have a consistent gauge over months and years if needed.

A bad diary is better than none at all. A minute a day might lead you to a breakthrough that drastically cuts down on your attacks. That’s the goal right?

Date of Migraine_________________

Time______________ AM PM

Lt Rt Location_________________

Intensity Mild Moderate Severe

Worsened by Motion: Yes No

Symptoms – Aura or Nausea or Vomit

Sensitive to: Light, Sounds, or Smells?

Suspected triggers: ___________________________________________________


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