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Migraines and Pregnancy

Migraines and pregnancy (aside from the pain) can cause a lot of anxiety for the patient. These are different from stress or tension headaches.

Migraine headaches are a type of vascular headache that is a result from blood vessels dilating (and or contracting) in the brain.

Migraines and pregnancy are very much like playing the lottery. Some women experience migraines during pregnancy, while others do not have any headaches during pregnancy whatsoever.

If you are prone to getting migraines, you may experience stronger headaches, or you may even find that they diminish. Its anyone's guess.

It is also very common to experience your first migraine while you are pregnant. Some studies have found a slight correlation between migraines and hormones.

This is justified by the fact that women tend to get migraines more often than men. A migraine headache often starts out dull and then eventually becomes a one sided throbbing constant pulsating pain in the temples, front of the head or base of the head.

They are sometimes but not always accompanied by nausea and vomiting. Some people may experience an aura. An aura is wavy or jagged lines, or dots of flashing lights. It might also cause tunnel vision or blind spots.

The Risks of Headaches During Pregnancy

This is where the anxiety comes in, and there is good news. Statistics indicate that there are no additional risks to the unborn child with a mother who suffers from this malady.

The only danger is when your headache may be a sign of something else. You should ALWAYS call your health care provider when:

  • Your headache is accompanied by a fever
  • Your headache persists with increasing intensity
  • You previously were not a sufferer
  • You may experience a “thunderous” onset

Side note* Pregnant women should NOT take anything with aspirin unless prescribed by a health care provider, and even then use your common sense, and be wary.

Migraine / Headache Treatment During Pregnancy

Keep a headache diary: This diary should include when the headache happened, what “triggered” it, and how long it lasted.

If you keep a log of your headaches, you can learn what triggers them and therefore avoid those things.

Migraine / Headache Triggers

Common triggers may include but are not limited to:

  • Stress
  • Cheese
  • Chocolate
  • Weather
  • Coffee
  • Hormones

Triggers are different for everyone; keep a diary can help identify them. Also triggers are not causes, triggers are triggers.

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Pregnancy Migraines