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Headache and Nausea Migraine

Headache and nausea can be more than just a nagging problem, left unchecked some can lead to serious implications. A nausea headache that comes with vomiting can be a sign of migraine.

For the most part, we’ll discuss this as linked to migraine. First know that you are not alone, better than 10% of the USA adult population suffer from these.

The nausea headache that tend to accompany migraine can be superficially treated by medication. But we at Beyond Headaches are equally concerned about helping you with your pain and   addressing the underlying cause, and that seems to set us apart from the whole treatment world. 

Typical Causes of Nausea Associated With Migraines

Migraine is increasingly becoming a big problem for a growing number of people. Research suggests migraine headaches are brought about by rapid contraction and then swelling of blood vessels in the head that causes the pain.

Migraine headaches, specifically headache and nausea, can be "triggered" by a lot of things. Fatigue, hunger, bright lights and a variety of different foods can also be possible migraine triggers. Upset and tension, are major triggers of migraines in a lot of people.

Signs of a Migraine Headache Attack

The beginning of a migraine attack comes with some telltale signs. Nausea and vomiting can be a initial clue of what’s in store before any actual pain or headache is experienced.

Another sign of an incoming migraine attack is seeing flashing lights and colors in ones field of vision. You may also feel hot and weak on one side and may last for about 15 to 30 minutes and then followed by an severe headache. This type of headache and nausea can be helped with our Beyond Headaches program.

Other warning signs of migraines can also include the feeling of tiredness, depression, and/or restlessness that can go for two to three days as a prodromal symptom before the headache is experienced.

Migraine Treatment Relief and Prevention

Learn the 3 most useful Self-Help Tips when dealing with NAUSEA MIGRAINES
from Dr. Finnigan, the author of Life Beyond Headaches.

Nausea Migraines