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Headache Migraine Neck Pain

What exactly is the headache/migraine neck pain link?  Do the headaches cause the neck to be painful?  Or, does the neck problem cause the headache?

The proverbial “chicken or the egg” question. Many migraine sufferers report neck problems that seems caused by the excruciating headache or even to be “causing” the headache itself.

Stress and tension only aggravate the condition.  Be assured, in spite of what Madison Avenue might want you to believe, there are natural remedies for these conditions.

As the neck becomes increasingly stiff and tight and imbalanced, it can trigger continual problems  and the inability to live a pain-free life.

Migraine Neck Pain Facts

The National Institute of Neurological Disorders reports that an estimated 45 million Americans suffer from migraine headaches, even if only every few months.

The pain from these headaches can not only cause extreme pain, but also be difficult to treat. Research done by David M. Biondi, DO, reports that migraine sufferers commonly have altered neck posture or reduced range of motion, and it is estimated that 64 percent of migraine attacks involve neck pain.

What is the Cause of Migraines in the Neck?

Headaches with neck pain are technically referred to as cervicogenic headaches (cervico- refers to the neck, genic- means the cause or beginning of).

According to research by Dr. Biondi, a cervicogenic headache is characterized by hemicraneal pain and involves the bony structures and soft tissue of the neck.

A muscle contraction headache is sometimes less severe, and can be caused by contraction of the neck and head muscles. Stress and tension are both contributors to these types of migraines and neck pain.

These headaches may also be brought on by an injury to the head or neck area that was not treated adequately, or at all. As a result, muscles can become weakened, making them more susceptible to tension and stress.

Neck Pain Migraine/Headaches Treatments and Relief

Migraine headache treatments for these types of migraine headaches can vary, but the usual treatment would be a Cat Scan (CT), MRI, and other imaging techniques that may be used to help diagnose this disorder.

Diagnosis is made by your doctor, who will ask a series of questions about the types, number and severity of you headaches. When neck pain is reported, diseases such as meningitis need to be considered. 

Laboratory evaluations may be done to rule out any exotic condition that may be adversely affecting the body. Tests such as a CT (cat scan) or MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) may be used to determine if there may be something more serious involved, such as a brain tumor.  

Though every type of headache has a truck load of pills and drugs to deaden the pain and, although useful for stemming off an attack, drugs do nothing for addressing the underlying root problem. 

Life Beyond Headaches

Assuming no tumors are found and you are a member of the 99% of headache/migraine sufferers who have no exotic life threatening condition, imagine how life would be if you could just live your life beyond headaches? You could be much more happy and productive.

Learn the 3 most useful Self-Help Tips when dealing with NECK PAIN MIGRAINES
from Dr. Finnigan, the author of Life Beyond Headaches.

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