Headache and migraine pain relief is the goal of BEYOND Headaches


Headaches Migraines - Causes of PainHello. I’m Dr. Jeff Finnigan. I have dedicated my life’s work to helping those with chronic headaches and/or migraines. I’m one of many doctors worldwide, participating in BeyondHeadaches.com.

The Big Idea in 103 Words

We don’t need to tell you the expense in quality and economic terms every time you suffer a Headache or Migraine event.

• You lose a sense of control
• Family and Friends disconnect
• You depend on toxic chemicals
• Production, Enjoyment, Quality are all Jeopardized


We Actually have a non toxic system……. Designed to address the underlying cause of these issues…. You’ll live a better life in every measurement. We’ve seen it happen thousands of times.

And it can all start by accepting my gift to you:  A free download of the first couple chapters of my best seller Life Beyond HeadachesThis book has served as the self help take action manual helping thousands of people just like you resolve their long stand bouts with Migraine and Headaches of all kinds.  Plus you'll have the opportunity to register for a telephone consultation with one of our Beyond Headache specialists.  All as our gift, all with out obligation.

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Silent Migraines